Yes, the year 2020 really started in a very unusual, different and even frightening way. A society accustomed to planning and controlling (or trying to plan and control) time and the future was forced to stop life a little to contain the outbreak of a disease. Events, trips, tours, studies, work, parties. A lot had to change, or even be canceled, due to the illness caused by the new coronavirus, Covid-19.

With the advancement of technology, this historic moment is being counted and updated in real time. The information arrives with a lot of speed and a lot of quantity too. This is the first time that a pandemic has occurred with a population that has so much access to information and so quickly. There is no need to wait for the printed newspaper the next day. Or even the evening news on television. The news are in the palm of your hand anytime.

The practicality of sending information so quickly and in real time can be used for the benefit of society or not. At the same speed as the real and necessary news and information are running to contain the spread of the disease, false news are also proliferating, trying to undermine the actions being taken.

Covid-19 as a historic event

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown everyone, it's that being part of a historic event can be quite a challenge. It all started in late 2019 in Hubei, a province in China. Initially, to stop the spread of the virus and prevent it from reaching other parts of the world, measures were imposed. They isolated the Chinese province, imposing a strict quarantine.

However, it was too late. On the first months of 2020, several countries began to register cases of the disease. On March 11, the World Health Organization, WHO, declared that Covid-19 was a pandemic — that is, the disease was already widespread throughout the world. Almost all countries have already registered cases of the disease.

So many things have stopped. Schools, museums, restaurants, churches, universities, sports championships, much of the trade. Everyone behind closed doors. In addition, many people were banned from leaving the home.

Physical activity now? Only if it is in the living room of the apartment. In many countries, where it was necessary to implement more radical measures, governments began to impose a fine on citizens who risked leaving their homes by accident. Even the 2020 Olympics were affected. It is the third time in history that the world's largest sports event has been canceled. Before that, only the two World Wars that took place in the 20th century managed to suspend the event.

Unfortunately, the world's population will only feel safe when a vaccine against the virus is discovered. Currently, there are about 200 researches in progress by several institutions around the world, searching for the solution. However, this is a long process. It is necessary to carry out a sequence of tests until the final product is reached. Therefore, the best forecasts believe that only in 2021 the vaccine will be available to the population. Until then, people should take care of themselves as they can.

It is a fact that this is a major historic event for the life of world society. People have changed their routines, their way of working and even their way of leisure during this current period. Unfortunately, all this change has also generated an economic crisis. So much so that the expression "the Coronavirus crisis" is often used to talk about the current world moment. Indeed, Covid-19 is a historical fact.

3 tools to follow the Covid-19 crisis

Being informed about Covid-19 has actually become part of people's routine. Knowing what the numbers of infected and fatal victims are, whether the curve is growing or declining, knowing which places have resumed their activities, which countries have opened and how the attempt to return to normality has been, are information that are part of the new day-to-day.

In fact, is it possible to return to normal? Many say that after this moment of peak illness, we will live a new normal. And how will that be? Others feel that there will be no normal until the creation of an efficient vaccine. Indeed, there are many, many doubts that surround society at this time.

Amid so many doubts, we still have to deal with the growth of fake news. False news are present in the economy, in politics and even in personal life. And, of course, in this current Coronavirus crisis, it is not surprising that fake news exists all the time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay even more attention when listening to the innumerable information that arrives at all times. Especially in conversations, whether through an application or in person.

To guarantee the veracity of the information, there are some tools available to help follow the Covid-19 crisis. Thus, you will consume real news, without taking the risk of taking any fake news seriously. See what they are:


Created by Fiocruz in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE, MonitoraCovid-19 allows you to follow the evolution of the pandemic in Brazil. In addition to showing information about the national scenario, it is also possible to find information at the state and municipal level.

Through MonitoraCovid-19 it is possible to use the information to compare national data with data from other countries. Thus, it is possible to have a better analysis of a future scenario. The tool is great for specialists and health officials in each place to observe standards.

In fact, it was created in order to help city halls in decision-making. But, the tool is also very useful and functional for anyone, as it is a safe source of information and official data about the disease.


Also called Coronacidades, FarolCovid is great for tracking information regarding hospital beds and the number of respirators available in each municipality in Brazil. The tool also calculates the number of ICU or infirmary beds that will be needed to assist patients in the case of Covid-19.

Developed by a non-profit institution, the NGO Impulso, the tool aims to help city halls. On this platform it is possible to simulate possible scenarios for each initiative, such as closing or not trading, prohibiting or not the circulation of people and whether or not social isolation is efficient for the specific case of that population.

But, despite being very useful for the authorities, anyone can access FarolCovid since the tool is an accessible source of information. In addition to the NGO, FarolCovid also had the help of the Arapyau Institute and volunteers from Brazilian and foreign universities to create and execute the project.


A timeline greatly facilitates the understanding of events. And to understand this historic moment that the Covid-19 pandemic is being, it couldn't be different.

So, to keep up with events and news, a good way is to use the Timelinefy timeline. The tool makes it possible to create timelines, chronologically organizing information. In addition, with the tool it is possible not only to understand the facts, but also to analyze whether the measures faced were efficient or not.

The information posted on Timelinefy is verified and collaborative so that in the future, it will be more detailed and carefully organized. Thus, it is much more practical to understand and study, not only in the present moment, but also in the future, as it was one of the main historical facts that occurred.

Given the current context, the Timelinefy team has developed a unique timeline to make it easier for you to follow and better understand the current situation. Access the timeline by clicking here!


With the technology so present in today's life, there is no way not to count on her help at that moment. However, it is necessary to pay close attention to the type and even the amount of information that is consumed daily. It's not easy to live in a world with a pandemic, is it?

It is important to always be aware of the source from which the information was taken. Care must be taken when reading dubious information, and whenever possible, try to correct it as well to prevent false information from being transmitted so quickly.

And remember, it's also okay if you want or need to disconnect from the news sent in real time. Living a historical fact in these proportions is tiring and therefore, a good rest of the mind at this moment may be a necessary care to slow the spread of Covid-19.